Stuart Taylor CV

Intelligent Automation | Analytics | Strategy


­Technical Product Owner [Intelligent Automation]

Belong Jan 20 – Present

Directly leading a team of AI / ML Engineers, Automation Developers, Domain Specialists, Data Science, Ethics, CX / UX and indirectly Data Engineers and Solution Architects to scale Intelligent Automation (IA).

💻 Solely responsible for development of these automations while we scaled the team.

Deployed four intelligent automations benefiting the business to $6M NPV.

  • A near real time fraud detection platform for mobiles that quickly deals with the customers that are causing problems. Saves real cost.
  • A workflow management solution for complex orders that cuts down the number systems an agent needs to access to complete a task. Increased accuracy and large reduction in time.
  • A solution that detects CRM case data changes from the website and links this data to all the downstream systems to take the desired action. Improves customer experience and contact centre efficiency.
  • A notification system that gets real time outage information to customers via the channel of their choice. A reduction in contacts and improved customer satisfaction.

Focusing the team on transforming analytics and data into ‘data products’ that deliver enduring value for internal or external customers.

OKR champion in the organisation and set the OKR’s for the team. Ensured the team has the measurement framework in place to track these (daily update)

Responsible for embedding the team into the Agile Delivery Train, setting the short-term team vision, prioritising key features and overseeing delivery and quality using SAFe.

Ensuring we use all key Agile ceremonies; Stand-up, Sprint Planning, Retro and Showcase.

A founding member of the Hack Day committee where I took the lead on rallying the business to form teams, collate their ideas and was MC.

Senior BI [analytics] specialist

Belong Feb 17 – current

Providing analytical data products to the business.

Four key results are highlighted.

#1: NBN order to active dashboard – Worked with our NBN order to activate team to create a Tableau Dashboard that gave the end user the ability to understand the contact points during the activation process. It helped to surface the activation experience problems and show which services types were best for acquisition.

Much of the information was not modelled in the data warehouse. This required the linking the Salesforce objects to our billing system and to our NBN network data. This was done using Athena SQL and transferred to Redshift SQL so data could be surfaced to Tableau.

#2: Data recognition changes – Unless a customer used mobile data, it could not be properly recognised on the balance sheet and this impacted EBITDA. Analysis was done to enable a change to Telstra accounting policy.

Customer daily usage records were analysed to understand the % of allowance used each month. This was done using AWS Athena SQL off raw S3 buckets.

#3: Customer trial – running a series of tests to understand how customers data usage will respond to certain types of messaging – i.e. you are low on data so switch on your WiFi at home. The was largely done for the previous CEO’s Transcendence strategy and the outcome from these initial tests suggests that we could impact customer behaviour.

🥇 Joint award given to me / Mobiles Product Manager

#3: Value Drivers – The Telstra group required a detailed view of all plan movements within the Fixed NBN and ADSL portfolio. Significant initial investigation was done using AWS Redshift to surface the output to Tableau and subsequently the data was then  modelled into a data warehouse view, so it was more performant in Tableau and centrally accessible and consistent.

🥇 Telstra CFO award for the work.

Senior business performance specialist

Belong Oct 14  to Feb 17

Was responsible for the business reporting for all the key ADSL and NBN metrics as the business grew.

Produced a report 7 days a week while the business grew to keep the leadership team across all the key metrics.

Monthly preparation of the data and analysis needed to support the monthly leadership team meeting where I got to present much of the material

In the early start-up days of Belong it was imperative that the CEO knew the “cannibalisation” from Belong to Telstra for discussions with Telstra CFO as an example.  Technically this was a huge challenge that required interrogation of Telstra’s Teradata platform and their analytics platform to obtain the data and then ingest the data into Belong data environment.

🥇 Belong “Challenger mindset” award for the work.

Strategy consultant

Citi Bank research Aug 14 – Oct 14

Providing strategic insights and analysis to Citi clients

Corporate Strategy Specialist

Asahi Beverages Nov 10 – Aug 14  

Produced a quantitative / qualitative forecast model for forecasting beverage demand in the Australia market to enable the marketing and sales teams to focus on the new product development agenda. This helped to enable Asahi to enter the Iced Tea market in Australia.

Used market and financial analysis to better understand the bottled water market in Australia. This resulted in a purchase of a major bottled water company that helped to transform the cost of production. The analysis also helped to support Asahi during the ACCC evaluation period.

Developed a quantitative market segmentation model to help the marketing team understand the different customers in the beverage market.

Strategy Analyst – Mobility Business Performance Team

Telstra Nov 08 – Sep 10

Supported the commercial lead in managing the post-paid mobiles subsidy budget for Telstra’s consumer mobiles business.

Accurate monthly reporting and subsequent presentation to senior leaders

Detailed analysis was done to determine the real ARPU’s for customer on capped plans. This helped to show that customer were spending much more that expected on the capped plans which showed why increased subsidy costs were helping the business

On the contrary, analysis was done in conjunction with marketing to ensure that the right handsets were offered on the right plans

Business Analyst, Consumer Mobiles Strategy Team

Telstra Nov 07 – Oct 08    

Responsible for commercial analysis of the post-paid mobile portfolio.

Created a forecasting model that helped to set the budget for each of the consumer segments (each separate business units at the time)

Managed a program of work to help reduce churn across the post-paid mobiles portfolio. At the time analysis showed the data bill shock was a significant churn driver and that data packs would be a good addition to the portfolio.

Strategy Consultant

BDA Marketing Planning Jan 00 – Sep 07 

I was responsible for the analysis, insights and presentation to various clients across the publishing  (News ltd and Fairfax) automotive (Mazda and Ford), Tourism (Tourism Tasmania, Tourism Queensland and Tourism Australia), Finance industries (Colonial First State) and Retail (Coles).

Created a forecasting process to simulate market demand in each of these industries by determining which economic factors impacted these markets and applied Access Economics forecasts to forecast industry demand🥇 Company award for the forecasting process

Wrote and did the analysis for monthly publishing industry newsletter, Newshound, for over two years to give the client insight into what where the most important consumer drivers

Created several consumer segmentations – the most notable was using quantitative beverage consumption data to segment the alcohol market. This formed a framework for qualitative research and furthermore targeting and product recommendations for the client.

Bought in new business, Pacific Brands, to the company.

Coached /mentored junior staff


Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (Honours) & Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry / Microbiology)

The University of Melbourne

Westbourne Grammar School VCE



Telstra                                                          Nov 20

Product Management

RMIT Online                                                  Oct 20

Business Case Master Class

Brainmates                                                      Jul 20

Certified SAFe® 5

Product Owner/ Manager

Scaled Agile Framework                                 Sep 20

Elements of Artificial Intelligence

University of Helsinki / Reaktor                      May 20

Appian Developer Course – week intensive

Appian                                                          Dec 19

Coaching Teams for Performance

Telstra                                                            Jul 19

AI and Machine Learning Master Class

Telstra Chief Technology Office                       Jan 19