Four Phases of Digital Transformation


wf model.JPG

As Intelligent Automation begins to mature, larger
patterns around implementation are starting to
emerge. We’re learning that in order for a digital
transformation to be successful, there’s a need
for certain program management and technical
competencies. These competencies include use case
selection, data privacy controls reducing the total cost
of ownership, and more, as the IA experience widens.
We benchmarked four stages of maturity that are
relevant for most organizations. We have identifed
the programmatic competencies required to support
each stage, and beyond, to help you move seamlessly
through the continuum.
But, due to the nascent nature of Intelligent
Automation, its maturity is not linear. As you examine
the components of each stage, you may fnd that you
have skipped to certain enablers without a clear sense
of what’s next.
Our aim is to provide a 10,000 foot view of these
stages. We hope it will help you assess gaps and spot
potentially missed opportunities along the way


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