Enterprise Automation through RPA


Enhancing operational efficiency is critical to meeting rising customer expectations 

The concept of digital workforce is set to redefine industry standards on offshoring and workforce management, and disrupt the way businesses approach back-office operations and workforce management.

In particular, workforce automation through robotics process automation (RPA) has the potential to reengineer business processes, freeing up skilled resources for more strategic work.

RPA can help cut costs by up to 40-70 per cent, reducing human errors and increasing compliance and workforce efficiencies, thereby propelling enterprises to higher levels of productivity optimization.

This whitepaper, produced by AIIA Network partner NIIT Technologies, takes a look at how RPA is critical to enhancing efficiency and improving customer experience. It considers:

  1. The potential beneficiaries of RPA
  2. Benefits that businesses can expect from RPA
  3. How can businesses create an effective strategy for RPA deployment
  4. Features to look for in your RPA partner
  5. Four pillars of NIIT Technologies’ TESS framework


Below is the full report



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