Stuart Taylor

Passionate about delivering Intelligent Automation solutions to improve CX, productivity and profitability through personalised digital experiences.

I have over 10 years combined experience in Automation, Analytics, Business Intelligence and Strategy and I’m certified in SAFe® 5 | Scaled Agile.

What I do ?  

I identify automation opportunities in your business [using analytics / process mapping] that can solve critical problems and improve CX, productivity and profitability. I then work with Agile teams to prioritise, design and build Intelligent Automation using the technology that best solves the business problem at hand.

One Epic might be focused on a simpler automation in the CRM or ITSM and the next might be an automation linking multi SaaS products via API – typically a BPM solution.

Working in conjunction with architects, engineers, ethicists, CX, UX and testers ensures these automations are built in the context of the whole business not a functional silo. To enable the automations to scale with your business they are integrated with best of breed tools that enable monitoring and observability.

I’ve had experience in designing and building Intelligent Automation that links real time data from your data lake or other systems of your choice and via API takes the automated actions in the many other systems that are required to improve CX, productivity and profitability.

Use cases 🚀

A near real time fraud detection platform for mobiles that quickly deals with the customers that are causing problems. Saves real cost.

A workflow management solution for complex orders that cuts down the number systems an agent needs to access to complete a task. Increased accuracy and large reduction in time.

A solution that detects CRM case data changes from the website and links this data to all the downstream systems to take the desired action. Improves customer experience and contact centre efficiency.

A notification system that gets real time outage information to customers via the channel of their choice. A reduction in contacts and improved customer satisfaction.

Experience with following systems

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AWS Athena for driving Automation direct off S3 or from DynamoDB
Orchestrate the actions between the disparate systems via API
Automation flows direct in CRM or getting other systems to trigger actions via API
Trigger a marketing cloud journey via API to send SMS or EDM or Push Notifications
Real time monitoring of automation logs for Observability and Monitoring
Dashboards direct from your data to see real time performance trends
To manage the workflow of your Agile Team and to keep track of work
Connect via Graph QL API to get the ‘critical’ payment / transaction data important payment information about your customers
Analysis to scope the automation and dashboard to track your OKR’s
Document all the Key Design Decisions and ensure all the information is shared with the relevant people
Another convenient channel for internal stakeholders fed via API and SlackBots
Find those customers who are making the transactions that look suspect
Similar to Salesforce but different
The AI driven data catalogue to records the key definitions for the process
Your code repository both for the automations and permissions for other systems
Key for tracking performance against your OKR’s
Analysis of log files linked to other data for detailed customer behaviour analysis